Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just a little shopping....

What a fun weekend.... I went to the antique show in Fishersville yesterday. I went by myself and I will have to say it was nice not to have someone say "are you ready to go"? I found a few things that just needed to come home with me.  A neat bucket, a couple a spools, a jar of vintage buttons, an old stool and a door that looks like it came off of an old trunk possibly.


Then this morning when I woke up I decided to go to the plant sale at Saunders Nursery. I found a few plants that would be great in my garden. After that I stopped at a new little antique place that I found in Piney River. Second Time Around Antiques. I found a square galvanized tub that also would be so cute in the garden.

After all my trips of running around town I made my way to my friend Lori's shop at Notforgotten Farm.
I made one more purchase here. I need wooden cubby. If you have never been to Lori's shop it is a must go place.

At the shop I able to sit and enjoy the company of Joan and Lori while I hooked and finished my rug
"Bah Bah Black Sheep"

I now need to finish the edges and the back .
Well after a trip to the grocery store I'm finally home. I think I will tidy up a bit and after dinner I will start on finishing the back of my rug. Well Happy Mothers Day to all the moms and I hope that everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Wow!!!! My kind of shopping, love all your goodies...that wood cubby is prim perfect, love it, Francine.

  2. That is my kind of shopping too. now the fun part. Doing something with the things that I bought. I had an idea of a hooked rug mounted to that trunk lid to hang on the wall. What do you think?
    Thanks for you kind words.

  3. While it's fun to shop with the girlfriends or sisters, it's sometimes nice to have a day when we can go at our own pace!
    just found your blog by way of Lori's....yeah, I've bookmarked
    love the rug and all your found treasures!

  4. Yes you are so right, Im so glad that you found me. And I hope that you will come back :)

  5. oh! a rug attached to your new wooden door ~ great idea my friend!
    love that square wash tub with the plants in it too ~ next time you go to 2nd time around, call me first & we'll meet there!

  6. It was so good to see you at Fishersville...and don't you just love Mario's shop. We went by there to and bough a van load of stuff. Love the rug and it would look good on the door you bought
    ummmm...I musta missed that!! Happy Mothers Day!

  7. Yes I loved Marios and I will definately be going back. Happy Mothers day to you also.

  8. I love jour buttom jar!!! awesome.
    Hugs! Nieves Mª