Friday, April 12, 2013

Great day for a drive

What a great day to get out of the house. I went shopping today for fabric to cover the cushions for the wicker furniture on my front porch and on my way home I think I drove up every back road where I grew up. It was a great day to do just that. I will share a few pictures that I took along my way today.
 Old Stoney Creek.

Old Stoney Creek.
 Old shed on Spruce Creek. I just love old sheds.
Three Ridges Mountain.

 Spruce Creek.
 This is a view of Crawfords Mountain.
 This is a picture of  the orchards coming into the hollow where I live.

 Another old shed on Spruce Creek.
 Mountain Cove.
 Another Picture of the hollow where I live.
 One of Mr. Hughes barns

 I few flowers that I picked today and brought inside to brighten up the kitchen.
Well I hope you enjoyed the ride.

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